Q: Do groups from area schools receive discounts?

A: Groups are admitted for the reduced rate of $4 per person.

Q: Can I have a party at BRIMS?

A: Yes, point to Visit Us and then click on Birthday Parties for more information.  Click on Contact Us to make your reservation or find out more.

Q: Is BRIMS going to close permanently?

A: Not if we can help it. Actually, we are working hard not only to make sure it doesn’t close, but that it is bigger and better.  Thanks to Greenwood Mall we have a temporary space for our exhibits until July 31, 2012, and we are actively looking for a long-term home.

Q: How can I help BRIMS bring science to the community?

A: You can give financial support, volunteer, write a letter to the editor supporting BRIMS, and share information with us about opportunities. Watch the website and Facebook page for more information. Click on the Contact Us link at the top to reach the Director. Click on Support Us for more information.

Q: Why isn’t BRIMS open more hours?

A: BRIMS is an all-volunteer organization.  We rely on volunteers to staff any hours that we are open.  As more people volunteer, we will be able to staff more hours!


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