Love & Sex: Second Base

Love & Sex: Second Base turns out to be a pretty good thought-out dating simulator in which you can meet up to seven different girls at once and build real relationships with them.

It would seem that there’s nothing unusual here. However, in reality, it’s only a superficial look.

The matter is that this game comes with plenty of features as well as gameplay advantages, thanks to which it stands out from a huge number of similar projects. For instance, one of such features is that you can meet and build relationships with seven girls in this game. Well, you wonder what’s special in it.

Well, at least, it’s interesting and provokes excitement, because you have to cheat, dodge, play tricks and deceive to reach the desired outcome. What’s more, you need to be very cautious not to be caught with another girl.

Another great feature of Love & Sex: Second Base is the uniqueness of each of the girls. Everyone has a different character and every girl reacts differently to the same situations. One may be shy to reveal her age or birthday, while the other, on the contrary, will expect similar questions from you.