Love Quest Vandread

Perhaps, you are fond of space adventures spiced up with tons of sex. Love Quest Vandred is a typical representative of the genre.

Space, sex, and rock-n-roll

Well, mankind began the rapid colonization of the universe, until serious disagreements showed up in one of the colonial fleets. All the women went against the men, taking part of the spaceships with them, they flew off to explore the planet Mejeira, while the men with the remaining fleet went to the planet Taraak. Since then, many generations have changed, during which women have been at odds with men.

Once, pirate girls invaded Taraak to steal the battleship Ikazuchi from men. Naturally, the men staged a battle with the girls, as a result of which the ship Paxis Pragma opened a black hole and transferred the ship to an unknown galaxy. Five sexy girls and a guy named Hibiki remained on this ship. They will have to coexist together in order to survive in the new world. Sure, the best thing that brings guys and girls together, no matter how, is sex. They will use it to build new relationships.